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Movall Rock Highway



Sold Out

  • Delay, distortion and overdrive pedal.
  • Range of controls & knobs.
  • FX loop send and return.
  • Change order / direction of circuit.
  • True bypass.

The Rock Highway is one of the newest pedals from Movall. It combines Delay, distortion and overdrive into one highly customisable multi effects pedal. It's not like your traditional multi effects, which while can produce a wide range of average tones, rather it specialises in grouping together 3 commonly used effects and making them sound fantastic. 

The pedal has the following controls for each section:

Delay -Time, Repeat, Level

Distortion - Gain, Tone, Dist Level

Overdrive - Gain, Tone, OD Level

A great part of this pedal is how much thought has gone into how it works with other pedals and your existing setup. So you can use the loop to put other pedals in between overdrive and delay. You can also use the switch to determine whether the overdrive goes into the distortion, or vice versa. 

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