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Movall Rocket Train



Sold Out

  • Boost, overdrive and compressor pedal.
  • Highly customisable.
  • FX loop send & return.
  • Switch compressor into overdrive or vice versa. 
  • True bypass.

Another pedal from the great Movall Triple Series pedals. This one has boost, overdrive and a compressor - 3 pedals which are frequently used together. They've all been put together in one package and fine tuned to provide incredible tone and versatility. So it's not like your typical jack of all trades multi effects.

The pedal has a lot of different knobs, each one relates to one of the 3 effects. Here's a brief run down:

Boost - Boost Control

Overdrive - Drive, Tone, Volume

Comp - Sustain, Attack, Level

The Rocket Train works really well with other pedals you may have in your setup too. Its got an in build effects loop so you can put pedals between the boost and compressor. You can also dictate the order of the compressor and overdrive in the chain by switching the 2 way selector switch.

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