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Pioneer DDJ-REV5 2-Channel Battle-Style DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-REV5 2-Channel Battle-Style DJ Controller

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  • Large jog wheels and MAGVEL FADER
  • Scratch-style layout
  • Dedicated buttons for easy Stems control
  • Auto BPM Transition
  • Piano Play mode
  • Multiple inputs and outputs

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 is a two-channel battle and scratch-style DJ Controller. It is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox, allowing for enhanced open-format DJ performances and a genuine scratching experience. The big jog wheels allow for delicate and precise scratching when combined with the DDJ-REV5's sturdy and smooth MAGVEL FADER. Open-format DJs worldwide have adopted this setup style, which features long tempo sliders running horizontally above the deck sections and the Performance Pads and Lever FX located in the mixer area.

The controller comes with Stems control buttons that allow you to play or mute individual elements of music, such as drums or vocals, making it ideal for live mash-ups and remixes.

The DDJ-REV5's first-ever Auto BPM Transition allows for seamless track mixing over a change in BPM, allowing for greater creative freedom. This new function enables you to choose songs without being limited by BPM ranges by adjusting their tempo smoothly over a set number of beats. 

In addition, the new Piano Play provides an interactive musical experience where a cue point can be triggered in various semitones, with the 16 Performance Pads laid out similarly to that of a piano keyboard. 

rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro are both supported by the DDJ-REV5. Just connect the controller to your computer and launch your favourite DJ software to get started.


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