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ZVEX Fuzz Factory Vexter

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ZVEX Fuzz Factory Vexter

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  • 5 knob fuzz pedal.
  • Vol, Gate, Comp, Drive and Stab knobs.
  • Versatile with loads of options for different types of fuzz.
  • NOS germanium transistors.
  • 1 year warranty. 

The Fuzz Factory is one of the most popular pedals from Zvex. It has more knobs than most Fuzz pedals with Gate, Comp and Stab allowing you to really fine tune your songs. Gate helps eliminate unwanted noise, Comp adjusts attack and Stab is essentially a voltage adjuster. The rest of the knobs function as you'd expect. Experimenting with this pedal really pays off, it's very much a pedal where there are "right" and "wrong" settings but the manual provides you with some good starting points.

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