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  • , by Mark Jackson Spartan Music 2023 Guitar Pedal Questionnaire Results

    We recently conducted a survey among our customers and received some intriguing responses. We posed 10 questions related to guitar pedal buying habits and preferences,...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Official Sennheiser HD600 / HD650 Replacement Parts

    We've recently started stocking replacement parts for the HD600 / HD650. While they have incredible build quality and reliability, they're not immune to wear and...

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  • , by Mark Jackson The Best Cheap Guitar Pedal Brands You Can Buy In The UK

    On this page we'll take a look at some of the most popular inexpensive pedal brands out there. You'll likely have heard of a lot of...

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  • , by Mark Jackson JJ Electronic Amplifiers

    JJ Electronic, known for their excellent vacuum tubes also sell high end guitar and hifi amplifiers and preamps. We can supply the following models: JJ...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Wangs Product List

    The following are all the Wangs products available, we don't have all of them available in the UK for sale straight away. However if you...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Wangs Amplification - The Best Cheap Tube Amps?

    If you're reading this article then you'll probably be after a mini tube amp and have discounted the usual manufacturers. They could be too expensive,...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Beginner Introduction Guide to Tubes & Valves in Amps & Audio

    Tubes can be a little confusing when you first start looking into them. All you know is that your amp / audio device needs them. If...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Artec Wiring Guide / Book & Install Info

    The link at the bottom of the page will get you started on wiring Artec pickups as well as their other devices (quadra control circuits)....

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  • , by Mark Jackson Electric Guitar Strings - What Do You Need?

    The first time I walked into a guitar shop wanting a new set of strings, I thought that the only thing I'd need to know...

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  • , by Mark Jackson Gift Ideas for Guitarists

    If you're anything like me, thinking of gift ideas for friends and family at Christmas time, or for birthdays, is an absolute nightmare. But if...

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  • , by Mark Jackson 45 Ways You Can Become A Better Guitarist

    It’s really easy to get into a fixed mindset when learning the guitar, and if you’re teaching yourself it can be hard to know to...

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  • , by Mark Jackson New in Store – Artec Pickups, Plus New Strap Designs

    Artec create a range of great value guitar pickups which really punch above their price point. Numerous manufacturers have worked with Artec in the past...

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