About Us

The Beginning

Spartan Music was first established in late 2013 by owner and founder Mark Jackson. He noticed that as a beginner / intermediate guitar player, there were very few places he could buy good quality, low cost guitar gear. It was a choice of either being forced to buy professional grade equipment, or buying the cheap and unreliable nameless brands.

He decided to create a website which sold guitar gear which was great quality, but was affordable to practically all guitarists.

What We Believe

We think that musicians of all levels should be able to experiment with new sounds and equipment without breaking the bank. Yet we don't want our customers to have a “you get what you pay for” impression when they buy from us.

Rather we hope each and every one of our customers thinks “This is great for the price!” after they receive their product.

Here at Spartan Music we are keen guitarists. All products featured on the site are thoroughly tested by us, and we hope you like them as much as we did. We mostly ask one question when we decide whether to stock a product  -  

Is this product great value for the price charged?

Essentially we hope to find the perfect balance between cost and performance as opposed to the “best” or “cheapest” gear out there.

Although we're not as big as other music retailers out there, and don't have as wide a range of products, this can have its advantages. We are more selective about the products in our range, we can focus more on our customers, and we can provide more information about our smaller range of products.

Thank you for reading a little bit more about us. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Happy shopping!