Offers & Discounts for Students, Guitar Tutors & Social Media Users

discountIt's time for our first set of discounts here at SpartanMusic! These three can be used all year round and will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. So please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're reading this a few months or even years after it has been published.


We know how hard budgeting can be for students. You've got so many things to consider – course fees, going out, transport, rent, books; the list goes on.

But music and guitar can be such a big part of the student lifestyle. So hopefully we can help by reducing our already low prices by 5%. To claim the discount just contact us with your name and place of study. We'll then send you a unique coupon code good for 5 uses. Just enter it at the checkout.

It doesn't matter which stage of eduction you're at – university, college or secondary school; all students qualify. You don't need to be specifically studying music either.

Guitar Tutors

Guitar tutors also quality for a 5% discount. This code will have unlimited uses and will not expire. To claim just contact us with your name, address, and website. If you don't have a website just provide us with your social media profile address or business listing (e.g Yelp).

Social Media

You can get up to a 10% discount if you interact with us on social media. So if you frequently like our posts, follow us, or otherwise help us spread the word about our products, get in touch. It's our way of saying thanks. Just contact us with the names of your social media profiles, and we'll calculate the discount you're entitled to. The more you interact, the higher the discount. Just title your message "Social Media Offer".

Our social media profiles are displayed at the bottom of the page if you're having trouble finding them. We're also on Soundcloud which isn't in the footer.

You must be relatively active on these social media profiles (no brand new accounts with no friends!).

Hopefully connecting with us on social media will be able to save you further money since we're going to be providing social media only offers in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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