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  • New in Store – Artec Pickups, Plus New Strap Designs

    Artec create a range of great value guitar pickups which really punch above their price point. Numerous manufacturers have worked with Artec in the past to create their own range of pickups (some names who you’ll surely know).

    However to offer you the best price, we’re selling them under the Artec name. You won’t always get fancy packaging and logos – just a great sounding product.

  • Joyo Effects Now in Stock

    We're really excited to announce that we now stock a range of Joyo products - one of the top names for getting incredible value when buying your guitar gear.

    Joyo have been making pedals for several years now, and have gradually increased in popularity as people realise how good their products are for the price.

  • New Pedals and Brands

    We're happy to say that not only have we added some new pedals to our Biyang range, we've got en entirely new range - ENO. ENO pedals (sometimes know as EX AMP) are a great new range of mini guitar pedals very similar to Mooer.

    They are essentially clones of very popular pedals such as the Metal Muff, Rat and OCD.

    However they're available for much less (under £30) and often take up a fraction of the space.

  • Offers & Discounts for Students, Guitar Tutors & Social Media Users

    discountIt's time for our first set of discounts here at Spartan Music! These three can be used all year round and will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. So please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're reading this a few months / years after it has been published. 

    Read more for offers of up to 10% off!

  • New Biyang Guitar Pedals in Stock!

    We know our customers are always after great value, high quality pedals which won't break the bank. So we're happy to announce 3 new Biyang pedals are now in stock and available to buy right now.

    As usual all pedals have free delivery and a 10 day returns policy.

    Who doesn't love a good Fuzz pedal? The FZ10 has been compared to the legendary Big Muff pedal but also with its own unique modes.

  • New Items in Stock - Micro Guitar Amp & Volume Pedal

    We've got two new products to tell you about today - a new volume pedal from Daphon, and a really cool gadget - a micro guitar amp.

    Read a little bit more about them on this page, as well as new items coming soon.

    Volume Pedal

    Yes we know that a volume pedal isn't the most mind blowing guitar effect in existence. However, they can be really useful for lots of guitarists - especially those who are going to be gigging.