New Line - Our Range of Stylish Guitar Straps!

Don't you hate it when you're after a new guitar strap, and you've only got two options. Either an incredibly expensive £50+ premium strap or one of those awful plastic feeling ones which will rub your neck raw. Its for that reason we've created our own line of straps. They're available for a great price, yet are comfortable and look professional.

Here are our first four straps in black, blue, red and tan varieties:

You can view all of the straps we have for sale here.

They're made from a soft cotton material (not that horrible plastic stuff!) and have leather ends. They're also fully adjustable with the durable metal buckle. At just £10 with free delivery they're a great deal.

In the future we'll be adding some more straps such classic leather styles and comfortable padded designs. We'll also hopefully be adding new colours to the existing range.

Our aim is to give musicians a better choice when it comes to straps. We believe you can have comfort and style without handing over extortionate amounts of money. We guarantee that you'll never be paying a big chunk extra just for a brand name. You'll be paying for a good quality strap. That's it.

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