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Earthquaker Devices have been pumping out some great quality pedals for years now, and fully deserve their excellent reputation. From one knob wonders to devices which you keep finding new modes, they provide a range of inspiring pedals. Not only that but they are one of the few companies who fully stand by their builds - all pedals have a lifetime warranty - "We will repair or replace any device that we manufactured at any time as long as we are still in business!"

The Plumes is one of EQD best selling pedals. It’s a highly tweaked Tubescreamer style pedal. However mentioning a simple TS type pedal doesn’t really do EQD justice. They also have excellent reverb and filter pedals which are very innovative and can really help you get a certain tone you’re looking for, or achieve a usable new tone for something more progressive. Their one knob fuzz pedals such as the Hoof and Acapulco Gold are also popular.

EQD are what we’d call a mainstream boutique brand. This is great because they can make some really unique stuff without an obscene price tag. Many boutique builders are one man in a basement type operations, so have to price highly to make selling pedals worth it. But with EQD some of their pedals are in the £130 price range. They also set a new bar in terms of build quality. For a mainstream brand their build quality is probably the best out there. This is shown by their lifetime warranty.


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