Artec Wiring Guide / Book & Install Info

The link at the bottom of the page will get you started on wiring Artec pickups as well as their other devices (quadra control circuits). The document may not have your exact pickup - Artec have hundreds of different designs so it'd be confusing to include all of them. But you should be able to use a similar pickup to help get you started.

Usually, for humbuckers, the following colour wires usually have these functions, please consult the wiring book for specifics. The process should be the same whether they're a telecaster or Les Paul style humbucker.

Black - Is ground.

Red & White - are often tied together if a humbucker. Remember to insulate them.

Green - Switch / signal.

The red & white should be separated if you want to coil split (some people call this coil tapping) and switch between both parts of the humbucker.

For single coil it's usually simpler. You'll probably only have two wires - the ground and the live. Again the ground wire will usually be black and the live wire will be coloured. Usually red, yellow or green depending on the exact pickup.

Depending on your guitar the wires themselves will be connected to the volume potentiometer, or "pots". Or a selector switch. If you're building a guitar, volume and tone are usually 500k pots for humbuckers and single coils pickups normally use 250k pots. If you're changing from single coil to humbucker, or vice versa, you may need to change your pots.

View our Artec pickups here


Quadra and Sound Controllers

The circuit boards are marked up pretty well, but if you're having trouble these diagrams should help:


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