Official Sennheiser HD600 / HD650 Replacement Parts

, by Mark Jackson, 1 min reading time

We've recently started stocking replacement parts for the HD600 / HD650. While they have incredible build quality and reliability, they're not immune to wear and tear over the years. Aftermarket products can sometimes alter the sound of your headphones which is why it's better to buy official parts only.

Any parts we don't have in stock we should be able to obtain. Please just send us a message as we currently only stock the most in demand parts.

1. The headband minus padding.

2. The padding which makes contact with your head. This used to be a 4 cushion design but Sennheiser have replaced it with the 2 cushion design. The 2 cushion design will work fine if you previously had the 4 cushion in place; they're interchangeable. Buy here. Part no 576109 (replaced part no 549375.)

3. The System 300R headphone driver. Buy here.

Part no 091570 for the HD600.

Part no 092855 for the HD650.

4. The ear pads which surround your ears including the foam disk. Buy here. Part no 050635.

5. The plastic grill which goes over the drivers. Buy here. Part no 092856.

6. The cable which connects to the left & right drivers plus the 1/8 inch jack and 1/4 inch jack adapter (part 7 below). Buy here. Part no 508688. This is the 3m version.

7. The 1/8 to 1/4 inch adapter only. Buy here. Part no 549346.

8. The bottom part which goes around the drivers. Part no 578865.

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