Wangs Product List

Combo Amps:
Mini 1H
1W (12AX7 x2  12AU7 x1)
Mini 5H 5W  (6Z4 x1 12AX7 x2  12BHX7 x1)
VT-15H 15W  (12AX7 x3  EL84 x2)
VT-50H 50W (12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
VT-100H 100W (12AX7 x3  EL34 x4)
OD-15H 15W (12AX7 x4  6V6 x2)
OD-30H 30W 12AX7 x4  6L6 x2)
HD-15H 15W (12AX7 x5  6V6 x2)
HD-30H 30W (12AX7 x5  6L6 x2)
1987HW 50w(12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
2204HW 50w(12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
Speaker Cabs
Celestion Vintage 30:
V30-112OB 1x12”
V30-112OB+ 1x12” 
V30-112CB 1x12’’
V30-212OB 2x12’’
V30-212CB 2x12’’
V30-412OB 4x12’’
V30-412CB 4x12’’
V30-412CBA 4x12’’  
Celestion G12H:
G12H-112OB 1x12”
G12H-112OB+ 1x12”
G12H-112CB 1x12’’
G12H-212OB 2x12’’
G12H-212CB 2x12’’
G12H-412OB 4x12’’
G12H-412CB 4x12’
G12H-412CBA 4x12’’
Celestion Greenback G12:
G12M-112OB 1x12”
G12M-112OB+ 1x12”
G12M-112CB 1x12” 
G12M-212OB 2x12”
G12M-212CB 2x12”
G12M-412CB 4x12”
G12M-412CBA 4x12”
Celestion seventy 80:
S80-112OB 1x12”
S80-112CB 1x12’’
S80-212OB 2x12’’
S80-212CB 2x12’’
S80-412OB 4x12’’
S80-412CB 4x12’’
S80-412CBA 4x12’’
Celestion tube 10:
TB10-110CB 1x10’’
TB10-210CB 2x10’’
TB10-410CB 4x10’’
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