Wangs Product List

, by Mark Jackson, 4 min reading time

The following are all the Wangs products available, we don't have all of them available in the UK for sale straight away. However if you ask we should be able to get hold of them.  

Combo Amps:
Mini 1H
1W (12AX7 x2  12AU7 x1)
Mini 5H 5W  (6Z4 x1 12AX7 x2  12BHX7 x1)
VT-15H 15W  (12AX7 x3  EL84 x2)
VT-50H 50W (12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
VT-100H 100W (12AX7 x3  EL34 x4)
OD-15H 15W (12AX7 x4  6V6 x2)
OD-30H 30W 12AX7 x4  6L6 x2)
HD-15H 15W (12AX7 x5  6V6 x2)
HD-30H 30W (12AX7 x5  6L6 x2)
1987HW 50w(12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
2204HW 50w(12AX7 x3  EL34 x2)
Speaker Cabs
Celestion Vintage 30:
V30-112OB 1x12”
V30-112OB+ 1x12” 
V30-112CB 1x12’’
V30-212OB 2x12’’
V30-212CB 2x12’’
V30-412OB 4x12’’
V30-412CB 4x12’’
V30-412CBA 4x12’’  
Celestion G12H:
G12H-112OB 1x12”
G12H-112OB+ 1x12”
G12H-112CB 1x12’’
G12H-212OB 2x12’’
G12H-212CB 2x12’’
G12H-412OB 4x12’’
G12H-412CB 4x12’
G12H-412CBA 4x12’’
Celestion Greenback G12:
G12M-112OB 1x12”
G12M-112OB+ 1x12”
G12M-112CB 1x12” 
G12M-212OB 2x12”
G12M-212CB 2x12”
G12M-412CB 4x12”
G12M-412CBA 4x12”
Celestion seventy 80:
S80-112OB 1x12”
S80-112CB 1x12’’
S80-212OB 2x12’’
S80-212CB 2x12’’
S80-412OB 4x12’’
S80-412CB 4x12’’
S80-412CBA 4x12’’
Celestion tube 10:
TB10-110CB 1x10’’
TB10-210CB 2x10’’
TB10-410CB 4x10’’
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