Artec Stratocaster Hot Rails Humbucker



  • Duel rail humbucker pickup.
  • Can be used as Stratocaster replacement, but suitable for a variety of guitars.
  • Great sustain and fat sound.
  • Ceramic / Alnico magnet.
  • Springs and screws included.

A single set of dual blade Stratocaster humbuckers pickups. This diverse pickup can go in a number of positions. It has great output and sustain which means you can produce a really fat sound, especially when distorted. However it can also produce great clean tones with its bright ceramic bar magnet.

Use this pickup for all sorts of prog, rock, punk and even some metal. However it?s not an ultra high output pickup so may not be suitable for very heavy genres of metal. The pickup includes the required screws & springs plus has 5 connections with the option of coil tapping.

These pickups are unboxed and don't contain instructions. If you're having trouble installing them get in touch.

May fit in Tele neck position - but please see dimensions.

Pickup Size: 2x2.5x8.3cm

Colour: Black

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 5

Output: Ceramic - 12k (SBC77C), Alnico - 12k (SBA77C)

Pole Spacing: N/A

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