Caline & Biyang Pedals & Wangs Amps for Trade & Wholesale

We are the main UK distributors of Caline Pedals, Biyang Pedals and Wangs Amps. We're happy to announce that we've recently begun to sell in wholesale quantities. All we ask is you order a minimum of 10 pedals or 3 amps. We are especially interested to hear from high street guitar stores but will also happily supply online stores. 

Caline, Biyang and Wangs products can provide a great alternative to customers who are shopping towards the budget end of the spectrum. They're low cost but can really hold their own in a blind test. These pedals have some very nice margins with additional discounts for larger orders are available.

They're a great option to the standard big brands and offer real value to your customers. For more information and a price sheet please contact us

We also sell our Spartan Music branded equipment in wholesale quantities. The quality matches the big brands, but it's available at a fraction of the cost since we don't charge extra for our brand name. 


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