Q. Which straps work with an acoustic or classical guitar?

A. If the description says that the strap includes “string” then it’ll work with an acoustic guitar. You’ll tie one end to the bottom of the guitar, then use the string to tie to the neck of the guitar. If there is no mention of a string then you’ll need a Headstock Guitar Strap Hook (which we sell). This fulfills the same purpose of a string, but looks a little neater. It threads through the top of the strap and around the neck of the instrument.

Q. How do I secure a strap?

A. After you’ve latched or secured both ends it should be relatively secure. Especially if the ends of the strap are made from durable leather. If you want extra piece of mind look into getting some strap locks.

Q. I have a banjo / ukulele / mandolin. Do I need a different strap?

A. You can use a normal strap, perhaps one of the smaller ones. But it’d be best to get a dedicated strap for this. Otherwise it’ll just fit awkwardly. Even if you adjust it.

Q. Which straps work with bass?

A. All straps should work with a bass guitar – our straps can all sustain its weight. However bass guitars are usually a little heavier. So a padded one may be a good idea if you’re going to be gigging for an hour.

Q. Do you need special straps for ¾ or ½ scale kids guitars?

A. One of the smaller non padded cotton / woven straps would be perfect for this. They can be adjusted to quite a short length which is great even for a child.


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