Q. What length cable do I need?

A. This will depend on what you plan to use your cable for.

For practice or recording at home a 3m (or less) cable will be perfect.

For a small gig or band practice then go with 5m.

10m is best for larger gigs, of if you just like to wander around when you're playing.

Try and pick the shortest cable which will work so you don't experience too much tone loss. Tone loss is something which negatively impacts your tone the more cable it goes through.

Q. What's the difference between straight and right angle heads?

A. This comes down to personal preference. To keep your cable in the best condition it should be kept straight. For guitars, some people find it easier for the cable coming out of your guitar to be at an angle and tucked behind your guitar strap. That's why we sell a lot with the straight / right angle combo. Since the straight end is best for coming out of the amp.

For other instruments (and a Strat which can't take a right angle cable) a straight / straight lead may be the best option.

Q. What's the benefit of a braided cable?

A. Braided fabric cables tend to look better, untangle better, and offer an extra layer of protection. However they're harder to keep clean and can fray if treated badly. In terms of sound there shouldn't be any difference. 

Q. Will these cables work with my electro acoustic / violin / mandolin / keyboard.

A. These cables will work with all standard electric instruments which take a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) jack. They're universal mono cables.

Q. These cables look like the big brand ones, how do you sell them cheaper?

A. Quite simply we don't charge a massive markup. Everyone needs to make a cut - the factory, brand, distributor and then retailer before it reaches the customer. We work direct with the factory, but design the cables carefully and keep the quality. We like to think this gets the best mix of value and quality.


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