5m Right Angle Vintage Braided Guitar Lead Cable



  • 5m (20ft) guitar cable.
  • Right angle design on one end of the lead.
  • Excellent noiseless sound.
  • Long enough for gig use.
  • Vintage classic brown and yellow colour.

This is a standard 5m guitar lead with a really cool brown and yellow vintage colour design. Despite its low cost this lead should last a long time if it's treated carefully. Due to its longer size it's the perfect size for gigging where a little bit more stage movement is required.

It has a right angled head which is designed to plug into the guitar. This head means that the lead is always pointing towards the guitar and therefore not being bent. On the straight jack there is a spring to cushion any bending and prevent damage. It's short length results in less tone loss and a crystal clear sound.

This cable comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

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