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Artec Electronics Quadra Sound Controller Circuits

Artec Electronics Quadra Sound Controller Circuits

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  • Artec on board effects and EQs.
  • These built in effects will let you make tonal adjustments without the need for pedals.
  • A range of circuits & variations, please see below.
  • Very long battery life - 3-4000h. 
  • See below for if it's designed for bass/ guitar / both.

Please note we are unable to offer step by step advice on how to install these. Please ensure you know what you're doing before you purchase. We recommend these are installed by a professional. Please see the wiring diagram here. 

QDD2 - 5 way distortion [GUITAR] 

A built-in distortion on Electric guitars that has been designed on the Simulation of Historical Drive Sounds.
In general, an external effector has been used the Distortion effect because of the fact that the external effector make more professional drive lately.
However, the QDD can make a precisely simulated sound with very simple and economical way of  installation and provide a various distortion features that allows to increase your guitar's commercial value.
The way to install the QDD inside of guitar can eliminate the cable noise.  
- Low profile / True bypass @ Clean tone / Heavy Metal distortion / Improved overdrive tone /
  No switch popping noise / Long battery lifetime (3000 hours)

QTB - 4 step clean boost [GUITAR]
This is 4 step clean booster with passive bypass mode.
The QTB has 4 different level of gain control
- Low profile / True bypass @ Clean tone /  0dB /  6dB / 14dB / 20dB
  No switch poping niose / Long battery lifetime (3000 hours)

QTA / QTP  - 5 way band filter / 5 way passive tone [GUITAR + BASS]
This circuit was inspired by the historical 5 band tone selector used on Vintage guitars.

It has an Active and Passive version.
The QTA circuit has the gain control and provides 4 different peak resonances.
The low output impedance provides operation stability and low noise level.
The QTP has the passive tone filter of the traditional RC methods that makes 4 different tones while very little level is reduced.

EXP - expand to peak [GUITAR + BASS]

EXP / EX3 Expand to Peak Controller EXP is the combined equalizer that has three unique functions in one unit. First is the frequency expander, second is a mid-band peak control and third is a flat booster. Another great feature of EXP / EX3 is unlikely conventional Bass / Middle / Treble Equalizer system that change over all gain while control the frequency character, the EXP / EX3 is designed to keep the over all gain constantly that provides operation stability while you are playing your guitar on the stage. Choose whether you want to have a full mid-range or accentuated high and low frequency for your excellent performance.

VTB2 - vintage tone boost [GUITAR]

Equipped with a Tone-trimmer and Bypass-Active 2 steps mini toggle switch plus mini toggle tone selector that make installation easy and simple. VTB offers powerful bass response and lots of volume, yet still deliver clear trebles and open-airy midrange.  It is specially designed to eliminate the noise, so you can hear from the natural tone to tube over driven sound of your guitar. 

BCU - band control unit [GUITAR]

Electric guitar pickups have a natural resonance characteristic in each model. BCU is designed to supplement the resonance and to change the frequency and gain spontaneously that provide the controllable parametric EQ option. BCU will give you a chance to experience the sound that starts from the bright tone of vintage Tele to the fatty, mid-tone of fat-humbucking pickup. BCU differ from the conventional parametric equalizer's frequency control that generates the mechanical and artificial sound through the band pass filter. BCU is specially designed to simulate the natural resonance character of real pickup.

Knob 0; leads your pickup sound more rich, fatty and warm by boosting the gain in a mid-range and reduce the low and high frequency range. You can have a humbucking sound from your single coil pickup.

 Knob 5; leads your pickup sound the harmonics a boost. Shifting the mid-high band slightly and reduce the gain in low-mid band.

Knob 10; leads your pickup sound more bright and distinctive tone by expanding your guitar sound. Low and high frequency will be boosted while mid range is 'V' shaped.

CHB - Chorus effect [GUITAR]

CHB is smallest chorus effect module for guitar inside. CHB makes low-impedance output from acvtive buffer preamp in BYPASS mode with only 0.2mA very-low battery consumption. And CHB provide great chorus effect with 20mA consumption. CHB can use with all kind of magnetic pickups and piezo pickups.

EX3 - expand to peak [GUITAR + BASS]

EXP / EX3 works with passive, active pickup and bass guitars. Only small amount of current drain (0.16 mA) required that means your 9V battery will last long for years   (more than 4000 hours in continuous use. - workable voltage : drop down to 5 V).

SDA-T - Speaker driver amplifier [GUITAR]

Applying the BTL circuit could generate higher output (2.5 W) than the other similar products (less than 1 W) LED, Head Phone Jack can be installed without any additional parts. Trimmer controls the gain in a low frequency range, allows you can control Clean and Heavy drive sound. The Power on/off push/pull switch volume and the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) take up very little space to make installation easy. Various version for the various installation.

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