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MSP50 Artec Soundhole

MSP50 Artec Soundhole

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Jack Style
  • Passive acoustic pickup.
  • Adjustable poles.
  • Clip on / fitted internal jack supplied.
  • Clear tone from the single coil pickup.
  • Fits a sound hole of 90mm and over.

A passive acoustic guitar pickup from Artec which can fit a wide range of standard size acoustic guitars. The pickup measures just over 100mm and can fit a hole of 90mm minimum.

The MSP50 has two options - clip on jack, or fitted internal jack. The clip on is designed to go inside your guitar and then the wire is fed out and hooked onto your strap holder button. You then put your guitar jack into the slot as if you were playing an electric. So you don’t need to mess around drilling holes in your guitar to use this pickup. It can be properly set up in minutes. 

There is also the fitted internal jack option which requires a hole to be drilled in your guitar, the pickup then needs to be screwed in place and the jack threaded through the hole. This options needs a little bit more technical know how, or alternatively you could ask your local guitar shop if they fit soundhole pickups. The end results look at little bit more professional with no excess wire coming out of your guitar.

The pickup offers great tone and clarity for the price, the poles can even be adjusted so you can fine tune the sound. You won’t need to replace the battery either as it’s completely passive.

Note you may need tape to properly secure the pickup wire to your guitar, or it will be a little loose.

Pickup Size: 2x2.1.5x10.5cm

Colour: Black

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: N/A

Connections: N/A

Output: 1

Pole Spacing: 5cm

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