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Artec TRA44 Telecaster Alnico Bridge Pickup

Artec TRA44 Telecaster Alnico Bridge Pickup

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  • Bridge pickup for Tele.
  • Alnico magnets.
  • Single coil.
  • 6.2k output.
  • Lots of bite & twang.

Another great sounding vintage pickup from Artec available at a fantastic price. The TRA44 should fit virtually any Telecaster neck and comes with required springs and screws. Installing the pickups is relatively simple due to there only being 2 wires.

Because of the great price these pickups don't come in a box, or contain instructions. Please get in touch if you're having any trouble installing them.

Pickup Size: 2x2.9x7.5cm

Colour: Black

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 2

Output: 6.2k

Pole Spacing: 6cm

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