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Artec Vintage Strat Single Coil

Artec Vintage Strat Single Coil

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  • Vintage Stratocaster pickups.
  • Versatile sound suitable for numerous genres.
  • Neck, bridge, middle or buy the full set and save.
  • Ceramic magnet.
  • 5.2k output.

The versatile Stratocaster single coil pickup with its bright, warm and sparkly tone. Yet add some distortion and you can find some very useable tones for heavier genres too. You can buy these vintage style Stratocaster pickups either individually or save money and buy as a set. 

These pickups come pre staggered and are non adjustable. They have a ceramic magnet for an even brighter tone. The output of the middle and bridge pickups is 5.5k and the neck pickup is 5.2k. There are 2 connections. Please note that these pickups are unboxed and don’t include instructions. Please let us know if you're having problems getting them working.

Pickup Size: 2.3x2.2x8.2cm

Colour: White

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 2

Output: 5.2k(m,b) / 5.k(n)

Pole Spacing: 5.2cm(m) 5cm(n) 5.2cm(b)

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