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Caline CP-16 Mark 4 Distortion

Caline CP-16 Mark 4 Distortion

Caline CP-16 Mark 4 Distortion

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  • Distortion pedal.
  • Get that Mesa Mark 4 amp sound.
  • Sounds especially good with a tube amp.
  • Gain1, Gain2 and Level controls.
  • True bypass.

A great sounding distortion pedal from Caline which replicates that Mark 4 tone. The two gain controls control the high and low levels of distortion. You can also get a larger range of tones if you have a way to manipulate the mids (such as on your amp or EQ pedal).

The pedal is durably constructed with its metal enclosure, is true bypass, and works off either a 9v battery or power supply.

Note - if you're after that real Mark 4 sound this pedal should be used with a tube amp. However it's still a great sounding distortion pedal without one.


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