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Caline CP-32 Clear Veil Fuzz

Caline CP-32 Clear Veil Fuzz

Caline CP-32 Clear Veil Fuzz

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  • Fuzz / Overdrive pedal from Caline.
  • Fuzz, Tone and Level controls.
  • True bypass.
  • Can by powered by 9v or 18v power supply.
  • Durable metal construction. 

The Clear Veil from Caline is a mixture between an overdrive and a fuzz pedal. It excels and mid / low fuzz as opposed to all out heavy fuzz. At lower levels on the Fuzz knob the effect sounds more like an overdrive and gets fuzzier as you crank it up.

The Tone control, unlike most, is great at furthering the range of sounds available to you even on min / max settings.

Takes a 9v battery or power supply. Is durably constructed with true bypass.

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