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CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation

CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation

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CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation

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  • Low footprint and isolated power supply.
  • 7 different outputs.
  • Up to 660mA 9v on each output.
  • 24V DC aux output.
  • Expandable with other CIOKS products.

CIOKS make some of the best power supplies available today. They're quiet, reliable and slimline. It's got some great features too such as a gauge to show you how much more power the DC7 can provide. This is great for making sure you don't under power pedals. Includes 12 flex cables (x7 standard centre negative, x2 centre positive, x1 3.5mm tip positive, x1 split and x1 3 way daisy chain.

You can also supply different voltages at the cost of total available mA by using the switches next to each supply:

9V DC / 660mA

12V DC / 500mA

15V DC / 400mA

18V DC / 330mA

You can customise each output individually. 

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