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Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal

Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal

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  • Hybrid designed compressor.
  • Touch sensor to change modes.
  • Can connect to the Darkglass suite via USB.
  • Blend, Time, Output and Compression knobs plus Ratio touch button.
  • Made in Finland.

Now you can get studio quality compression in a pedal - plus it has a tiny footprint! Widely considered one of the best bass (or any instrument) compressors, the Hyper Luminal is an incredibly versatile compressor which should earn "always on" status on your board. It has many modes and on board settings for you to try out initially, but also integrates with the Darkglass software suite. Using the latest version of the software, there is also a guitar mode available too!

Uses a 9v power supply (not included).

Pedal Video:

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