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DBX ZC3 Program Selector

DBX ZC3 Program Selector

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The DBX ZC3 Program Selector Zone Control for ZonePro remote device shall provide programmable rotary switch program selection for the dbx® DriveRack® 220i and 260 devices.

This device shall also provide rotary switch programmable source selection, page assignment, or scene selection for the dbx ZonePro™ devices.

The remote device shall have DIP switches allowing identification with connection to the processing device via CAT 5 cable on RJ-45 connectors. The device shall be a dbx ZC-3 remote controller.


  • Program selector for the DriveRack 260 and 220i; in addition it can be used for as a source selector, page steering control, or a scene selector for the ZonePro products
  • Extended utility to the DriveRack and ZonePRO families
  • Analog DC voltage
  • ZC Series: Logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety muting
  • Wired with CAT 5 Cable
  • RJ-45 connectors at distances up to 1000ft

Manufacturer: DBX

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