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Dekoni Beyerdynamic DT770/880/990 Hybrid Earpads

Dekoni Beyerdynamic DT770/880/990 Hybrid Earpads

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  • Fits Beyerdynamic DT770Pro and Premium, DT1770Pro, DT880Pro and Premium, DT990 Pro and Premium, DT1990, T1, Amiron, T5p, Custom One Series, AKG K series- K240, K240m, K240s, K241, K260, K270, K270s, K280, K280 Parabolic, K290, K340, K550, K518, K553.
  • Replacement earpads.

Dekoni Audio is known for their Ear Pads and Beyerdynamic is known for their amazing lineage of amazing headphones.   If you put the 2 together you get the best of both world's whether it’s from the DT770, DT880, DT990, Amiron, or T5P.  the Dekoni Audio Line fits them all.

This model features the best of all of Dekoni’s materials.  On the outside is soft and isolating Sheepskin while on your face you feel the breathable and ultra-soft velour.  Where the sound passes inside the ear pad Dekoni has placed their Fenestrated Sheepskin.  The Fenestrated sheepskin has carefully place holes so as to give the listener a neutral sound. It doesn’t soak up too much or allow too many reflections to pass into your ears providing you with a rich, natural listening experience.


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