Electro Harmonix Nano Looper 720



  • Looped pedal with 720s loop time.
  • More features over the 360 version.
  • Reverse / 1/2 speed buttons.
  • Stop and Loop footswitch.
  • Power supply included.

An evolution of the already great 360 looper. Easily record and play back up to 10 saveable loops. In total these loops can last up to 720 seconds (you don't get x10 potential 720 loops, but it's still more than enough). You can also overdub layers infinitely to create cool layers of sound.

The reverse button as you'd expect, lets you play the loop in reverse. Half speed reduces the pitch an octave as well as dropping the speed. You can also choose stereo / mono input and output options. In the top left hand corner there's a handy LED showing if the pedal is recording, playing or has something in memory. Level knob adjust the volume of the playback and Push:Mode lets you select loops and open up further features. 

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