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Empress Effects Tape Delay

Empress Effects Tape Delay

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  • Tape delay pedal with highly adjustable settings.
  • Tape Age flick switch.
  • Filter and modulation controls.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Internal switch for headroom adjustment.

The Tape Delay was 2 years in the making as Empress went about creating some excellent tones based on analogue tape machines. There are 3 core modes to the pedal. Firstly you have the tap mode when the left footswitch defines the tempo. The Time knob then lets you change the ratio of this defined tempo. In preset mode you can save and toggle through 3 presets you've previously edited. When the Delay Time is set to Slow or Fast you're essentially in Normal mode where the tempo is controlled by the D Time knob as normal.

Adjusting the Mix, D Time/ Ratio, Feedback, Output, Modulation, Filter, Delay Time and Tape Age gives you a huge amount of possibilities. If you're after tape delay, look no further!


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