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Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo + Case

Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo + Case

Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo + Case

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  • Digital modular system, not a guitar pedal.
  • Use on table top our via a Eurorack.
  • Headphone output.
  • 80+ modules.
  • Up to 64 patches.
  • Includes desktop case.

The Euroburo is at its core very similar to the regular ZOIA but obviously with some changes making it a digital modular system. It's not an update, or v2 of the original ZOIA. It has dedicated control voltage ins and outs - there are 4 CV input and 4 CV output jacks as well as 8 dedicated CV UI & 2 quick access buttons.

Apart from that it functions in a very similar way to the ZOIA - if you know the ZOIA you'll instantly be able to get to grips with the Euroburo. So you've got a huge and ever growing list of modules from bitcrushers, LFOs, filters, distortions and delays.

[More to follow - in stock early - mid September]

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