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Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Synth

Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Synth

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  • Advanced tremolo pedal.
  • MIDI functionality.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Save and load 8 presets.
  • Mode, Waveform, Depth/Ratio, Rhythm and Output knobs.

Where to begin with the ZOIA... there's nothing else like it out there, this pedal can practically do anything. A good way to think of the ZOIA is like a musical platform. We've heard it called "Musical Lego" before which is quite fitting... If you could only use one pedal for the rest of your life, this one would be a fine choice.

First of all you can set it up like a virtual pedalboard with a massive range of effects. You've got fuzz, distortion, a range of delays, chorus, vibrato, reverbs, tremolo, compression and more to experiment with. You can modify these down to really minute details. By use of the ZOIA community you can download a range of presets including many other boutique pedals people have created.

Then there's the whole Synth element where you can use the ZOIA buttons as the keys on a keyboard. If you've used a modular synthesizer like Eurorack you'll be at home here. You have LFO, oscillators, and VCA etc.  Again everything is highly tweakable, and can be combined seamlessly with instrument input. 


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