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Fredric Super Unpleasant Companion Fuzz

Fredric Super Unpleasant Companion Fuzz

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  • FY-6 Superfuzz and Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion clone.
  • Pick either fuzz via the flick switch.
  • Tone / Texture control depending on mode.
  • Runs off standard 9v battery or power supply.
  • Built like a tank in a uniquely designed steel enclosure.

Two incredible fuzz pedals in one unit. It revives the now discontinued fuzz tones of the FY-6 and FY-2. The FY2 is an incredibly raw sounding heavy fuzz which completely blitzs your tone. The FY6 is a bit more of a traditional fuzz - it's quite responsive and capable of some more subtle tones. You can control the volume with its own dedicated knob, while the other knob can modify the Tone / Texture.

This is the vintage model with the knobs at the back of the unit.

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