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Guitar Pedal Patch Black Cable 17cm

Accessory - Guitar Pedal Patch Black Cable 17cm

Guitar Pedal Patch Black Cable 17cm

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  • Easily connect your guitar pedals.
  • 17cm / 6.7inch long.
  • Right angle connector.
  • Very durable construction.
  • Black / silver design. 

These are our own custom made brand of patch cables. We've made them a bit longer than the standard 15cm variety which we thought were a touch too short and lacked flexibility. The extra 2cm makes up for this yet offers no noticeable difference in quality due to tone loss.

The quality of these cables is incredibly high - they should last a lifetime even from heavy use gigging. They have durable right angle heads combined with an extra protective layer which further prevent damage to the cable, even if it's treated roughly.

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