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Guitar String & Fretboard Cleaner

Guitar String & Fretboard Cleaner

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  • A handy gadget which cleans your strings and fretboard. 
  • Can be used on acoustics, banjos and any stringed instrument.
  • No cleaning solution required.
  • Extends the life of your strings while improving tone.
  • Durable design and easy to use.
  • Now with extra cleaning cloth!

As we know strings and your fretboard can get very dirty, embarrassingly dirty in fact! Most of the time actually cleaning your fretboard requires removing the strings, while cleaning your strings remains very tricky indeed. That's where this new string cleaning gadget come in handy. Just slide it under the strings, close it, and push it down the fretboard. It will clean your strings and fretboard at the same time.

Not only will having cleaner strings increase their life, but it should actually make them sound better too. There will be less dirt impeding the vibrations. The device is constructed from sturdy plastic and has washable microfiber pads which do the cleaning.

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