Guitar Volume Pedal



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  • Volume pedal which doesn't need batteries.
  • Durable plastic and metal design.
  • Approximately 24cm long.
  • x2 inputs and x2 outputs.
  • Works with guitar, bass & other musical equipment.

A durable and reliable volume pedal activated via a foot pedal and made from a combination of metal and plastic. The pedal has two inputs and outputs and which allow multiple devices to be manipulated.

The more you press down on the pedal, the louder the volume gets. There is even a control within the pedal which lets you set a minimum volume. So for example, the volume can co from inaudible to max volume, or it can do medium volume to max volume depending on how you set it up.

This pedal doesn't require any batteries or need powering. Just attach it to your setup and away you go. You can use this pedal with a range of musical equipment – not just guitar. Works best as part of a pedal board and not connected directly to the guitar.

Current Draw: N/A

Power Supply: N/A

Supply Included?: No

Battery: N/A

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Black

Weight: 455g

Unboxed Size: 26x10x9cm

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