Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply 9v 18v 4-9v DC



  • Isolated guitar pedal power supply.
  • x8 DC 9v outputs or x2 4-9v outputs, x5 12v outputs & x1 18v output depending on the configuration.
  • 100mA x6, 300mA x2.
  • Compatible with US power via the 230/115v selector.
  • x8 pedal connector cables.

A true isolated power supply from Spartan Music. This device is 100% isolated and is built in a very similar way to the Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power 2 Plus. But it's available at a fraction of the cost. You can use the flip switches to decide if each output is either 9v or 12/18/4-9v. The C8 also has a sag control so you can modulate the voltage from 4-9v. This is because some pedals sound better when given a lower voltage.

Durably built and quite heavy (over 1kg) the box contains all the connector cables you'll need.

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