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Joyo American Sound JF-14

Joyo American Sound JF-14

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  • Highly customisable amp simulator.
  • Creates tones similar to the Classic Fender 57 Deluxe.
  • Built in EQ.
  • Durable constructs & bypass.
  • Can be plugged directly into PA.

Another innovative pedal from Joyo. The JF-14 can create a variety of both clean and dirtier, "crunchy" sounds designed to sound like the Fender 57 Deluxe amp. These sounds can be achieved by manipulating the 6 controls. Firstly you have the 3 EQ knobs - Low Mid and High, but there's also the Level Drive and Voice controls too.

You get a very solidly constructed pedal with a true bypass foot switch. Suitable for light gigging and a bargain for those of you who crave that American Tweed sound!

Takes a 9v battery or adaptor. Pedals go through battery power quickly so a power supply is recommended. 

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