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Joyo Extreme Metal JF-17

Joyo Extreme Metal JF-17

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  • Maximum gain pedal delivers crushing metal sound.
  • Tone exemplifies (amplifies!) solid state clipping.
  • Dial in the perfect sound with the 3-band EQ controls.
  • Quality components, resistors, jacks, etc. *9V battery included.
  • ON/OFF and “Boost” Switch – Accurate Timing, Stompbox Style.

 With the combination of its three band eq and drive and level knobs you can get a wide variety of tones from heavy blues through hard rock to high gain metal. With the gain set at around 9 'o' clock using a bridge position humbucker you can get some excellent classic rock tones. Flick to the neck pickup and you get a thick, creamy sustain filled lead tone ideal for any heavy/rock blues lead playing you'll be doing. With the right combination of EQ settings with the drive low you can even get some quite Santana-esque tones from this pedal.


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