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Joyo JF-307 Clean Glass

Joyo JF-307 Clean Glass

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  • Mini version of the American Sound.
  • Tone, Drive, Volume and Voice knobs.
  • True bypass.
  • 9v dc only.

The Clean Glass Amp Simulator is a smaller version of our best selling amp sim pedal, the American. This compact version lets you re-create many of the crystal clear tones that the classic vintage amps from American are known for.

But it can do more, it dials in naturally clean, perfect for recording from, the pedal packs a nice stack of gain and can deliver amazing lead sounds as well. Don't be fooled by its size, this is a versatile vintage amp in a tiny enclosure.

Whether you use it direct into a mixing console, audio interface or in front of your amp, the clean glass will give you warm vintage overdriven tones through to thick heavy gain, just like those old amps do...

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