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Joyo JF-312 Pipe Bomb Compressor

Joyo JF-312 Pipe Bomb Compressor

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  • Micro compressor pedal.
  • Output volume control.
  • Compressor Sensitivity Adjustment.
  • Mixing ratio for original signal and compressor signal.
  • Attack response time adjustment.

The JOYO JF-312 PipeBomb Compressor Mini Guitar Effects Pedal is an exceptional all round Compressor mini guitar effects pedal. The JF 312 mini compressor pedal is taken from the 3rd generation of JOYO pedals a result of 8 years of JOYO technology and expertise. Compact, versatile and with a metal housing will ensure this pedal fits easily onto any board . Flip the lid to keep your tones protected, the LEDs shine through when active. The PipeBomb compressor doesn't change your sound in any way and brings the tone forward with more attack.

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