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Joyo R-15 Preamp House Amp Sim

Joyo R-15 Preamp House Amp Sim

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  • 9 preamps in one pedal.
  • Balanced output.
  • Gain, Bass, Mid, Treb and Vol knobs.
  • FX Loop.
  • 400mA current draw.

The JOYO R-15 Preamp House is a versatile guitar pedal that offers nine different classic amp preamps in one compact design. Its comprehensive outputs and features allow for easy connectivity to a mixer, PA system, or home setup for effortless playing.

Simply turn the dial to choose your desired amp simulation and switch between nine different amps and two channels, ranging from a vintage Fender clean to a dirty Mesa drive.

The pedal also includes a built-in Impulse Response loaded 4 x 12 cab simulation with three controls to turn it on/off and switch between the 6.35mm out or the balanced XLR output. The headphone out utilizes the cab simulation at all times.

Furthermore, each preamp has two channels - clean and distortion - and permits you to save your settings on both channels for all amps. You can toggle between the two amp settings (Clean or Distortion) using the A and B footswitch, and pressing both simultaneously will activate Bypass mode.

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