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Joyo Splinter Distortion JF-21

Joyo Splinter Distortion JF-21

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  • RAT style crisp classic distortion.
  • True Bypass.
  • Distortion, Filter, Volume Controls.
  • Stock vs Fat, Mosfet vs Stock flip switches.
  • Uses a 9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter (not included).

Influenced by perhaps the most sought-after classic distortion / fuzz pedal, it packs a punch so hard that will hit you in the face, in a way only a fat dirty rat could.

You’ll get the unique tones that resemble both fuzz and distortion by adjusting the DISTORTION, FILTER & VOLUME knobs. You get a BIG FAT feature and that is the additional control switches over the tonal circuitry.

This fat sounding pedal from JOYO, gives you the option of the original circuit or a MOSFET clipping circuit, which gives smoother upper mids for a more natural tone.

A selectable bass switch gives more focused low end for drop tuners, extended range guitarists, bassists and other users alike.

If you want the iconic rat tone with a few more options, look no further than the honourable JOYO Splinter.

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