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Joyo Tweedy XL Bantamp 20w Head

Joyo Tweedy XL Bantamp 20w Head

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  • Dual Channel: CLEAN, DISTORTION
  • Channel-switching Footswitch
  • Bluetooth
  • 8Ω speaker out

TWEEDY features dual channel, American classic vintage tone, the DISTORTION has a little bit of FUZZ, while the CLEAN sound has rich lows. It recreates the classic Rock and Blues of the 20th century, you can boost or attenuate the mids according to your guitar playing.

Based on an original highly sought-after guitar collector’s piece, this two-channel head from JOYO sings and snarls with the infamous sound that birthed rock ‘n’ roll

A solid footswitch to remotely move between your 2 channel amp + headphone out.

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