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Joyo Ultimate Drive JF-02

Joyo Ultimate Drive JF-02

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  • Distortion pedal which can create a range of tones.
  • Influenced by the classic OCD pedal.
  • Tone, Level, Gain and high / low switch.
  • True bypass.
  • Aluminium casing.

This is one of the best known Joyo pedals due to its amazing value. The sound the JF-02 produces is thick and full sounding tone but it still maintains a decent level of transparency. This ensures the quality tone of your amplifier can still shine through. It emulates the classic Fulltone OCD and even improves on the original formula.

Manipulating the gain control you can easily create a wide range of distortion sounds. From mild boost / bluesy tones on lower settings, to heavy distortion on higher settings. The 2 way switch can further adjust the amount of gain and overall brightness.

The Ultimate Drive will run off a 9v battery but works best with an isolated power supply.

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