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Joyo Vintage Phase JF-06

Joyo Vintage Phase JF-06

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  • High quality classic phaser effect. 
  • True bypass.
  • Simple design with one Speed control.
  • Strong metal casing.
  • Takes 9v battery or adaptor.

The JF-06 is a great sounding phaser pedal which has similarities to the popular MXR 90. It's really easy to use due to the single Speed knob. As you turn it clockwise not only does the speed of the phase increase, the amount of phase also noticeably increases. So you can achieve some really experimental spacey sounds as well as more subtle phase effects.

The pedal comes in a durable dust proof metal enclose and has a true bypass foot switch like most Joyo pedals.

It can be run off a 9v battery or compatible adaptor and comes in a strong aluminium casing. 

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