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Latching Footswitch

Latching Footswitch

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  • Latching footswitch.
  • Connected to a 2 metre cable.
  • Strong but lightweight construction.
  • Plastic casing and metal switch.
  • Low cost solution.

There are many great amplifiers out there which means a distortion or overdrive pedal isn't always necessary. Especially if you have a great Orange or Marshall setup. However it's not exactly convenient if you need to physically switch the distortion on and off. That's where a footswitch like this one comes in handy.

The design is incredibly simple. Just press it once to turn the distortion on, and again to turn it off. It doesn't need powering at all. Just plug it in and away you go. Attached to the switch is a 2m cable which simply plugs into the “Foot Switch In” slot, or similar variation on the amp. It can also control other on / off inbuilt effects such as reverb.

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