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Meris Enzo Synth

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Meris Enzo Synth

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  • Instrument synthesizer pedal.
  • Poly Synth, Mono Synth and Arpeggiated Synth modes.
  • Disable modes for pitch shifting type function.
  • Expression pedal compatibility. 
  • Midi in / out.

One of the best and most versatile synth pedals on the market! There's so much depth to this pedal, but you'll usually start by getting to grips with the main modes. Mono is great for standard synth infused lead tones, Poly for chords and arpeggiated for all our synth crazyness. Then disabling these modes will essential turn the pedal into a pitch shifter. The Pitch, Filter, Mix, Sustain, Filter, and Mod knobs allow you to fine tune the synth or pitch shifted modes to your liking. 

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