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Meris Hedra Pitch Shifter

Meris Hedra Pitch Shifter

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  • 3 voiced pitch shifter.
  • Presets available via MIDI.
  • 4 delay configurations.
  • Vast key selection.
  • ±2 octaves.

One of the problems with many pitch shifters on the market today, is that they're a little simplistic. The Hedra certainly isn't; it has a range of advanced features which you'll be able to spend hours exploring. Seriously - it takes time to master! You can create 3 voiced harmonies with the added precision of tap tempo, arpeggio modes and detune. It isn't really accurate to call this pedal a pitch shifter. It's so much more. When adding in the delay line configurations and feedback you can create some mind blowing, but still very usable tones.

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