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Battery Powered Mini Guitar Amp

Battery Powered Mini Guitar Amp

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  • Mini guitar amp.
  • Runs on 9v batteries for portability.
  • Clips onto your belt.
  • Classic black and gold design.
  • Works with headphones.

A tiny mini guitar amplifier great for portable and lightweight and convenient guitar playing. Despite its size, you never struggle to hear it – it's easily loud enough to be a practice amp. It can run off a standard 9v volt power supplies or a single 9v battery.

The amp has a volume control, tone control and an on / off control. The amplifier also has a distortion control for songs which need that extra kick. It's made of plastic but still feels really sturdy due to its thickness. It's coloured in stylish gold and black and features a click on the back. This means you can attach it to your jeans and walk around while playing.

There's also a slot which you can attach your headphones into if you want to play in silence. It's great little versatile amplifier. Works with both electric guitars and bass, however performs best with standard guitars.

Power Supply: Standard 9v

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: Yes

Colour: Black & Gold

Weight: 320g

Unboxed Size: 12x6x12cm

Power: 1w

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